Buckle up, the world’s fastest roller coaster is coming to Saudi Arabia

QIDDIYA: Saudi Arabia’s first theme park will feature a record-breaking roller coaster inspired by the Arabian falcon that will be the longest, tallest and fastest in the world.

The Falcon’s Flight ride will be one of the 28 attractions spread over six themed “lands” on a 32-hectare site at Qiddiya, 40km west of Riyadh. Construction has already begun, and the park is expected to open early in 2023.

Inspired by Arabian heritage and culture, other signature attractions at the park will be the Sirocco Tower, the world’s tallest drop-tower ride, and the Sea Stallion, which propels riders over rivers, behind waterfalls and through trees along a custom-designed course as they control the speed and acceleration of their horse.

The park will be operated by Six Flags, the world’s largest amusement-park company, which was founded in Texas in 1961 and runs 26 entertainment centers across North America.

Six Flags Qiddiya is expected to attract up to 15,000 visitors a day, and the operators have even made allowances for the scorching Saudi summer heat.

“There are 90 to 120 days when the weather is uncomfortable,” Six Flags International President David McKillips said on Sunday. “A strategy has been developed to operate 365 days a year, providing shade and using technologies like water misters to make the weather bearable.”

The theme park will create 800 full-time jobs, part of a total of 17,000 employment opportunities in the wider Qiddiya entertainment, lifestyle and culture project. By 2030 it is expected to be the world’s largest single tourism destination, covering a total area of 334 sq. km.